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Microphone Hire in Croydon & Surrounding Areas

The right microphone is essential to getting clear sound into the pa system. Radio microphones are our most popular choice with either hand held for audience questions, lapel for corporate presentations and headset mics for shows and exhibitions. With fresh batteries they will give up to 8 hours of use, perfect for day conferences. New kid on the block is the Catch-Box audience mic to really engage the Question & Answer sessions. Our AKG Top table microphones are industry leading for the clearest possible speech, they hardly need any signal EQ and suite AGM’s & Panel sessions. USB mic is a simple way for skype/video calls to laptops or a streaming solution. Lectern microphones are ideal for awards or a backup belt and brace for any radio microphone system. The Shure SM58 is spot on for singers and bands, pop it on a stick and it’s a rock solid performer.
Hand Held Radio Microphone Kit
Lapel Radio microphone kit
Catchbox throwable microphone £65
Shure SM58 Band Microphone
Lectern Microphone
USB Microphone
Top Table Microphone
Headset Microphone
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